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    Oroville Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 1112 - Who, What, Where, Why, When -

    Who we are - We generally have a membership of over 50 enthusiasts. There are no membership requirements other than an interest in homebuilt aviation and/or aviation in general and a willingness to work to advance the Chapter goals. Local Chapter dues are $20/yr. Members are also encouraged to join the national EAA organization, currently (2016) $40/yr.  Membership in the Oroville Foundation of  Flight starts at $20/yr donation.

    What we are - We are dedicated to the advancement of homebuilt aircraft, the education of our members in building and flying techniques and the conduct of chapter group activities such as  presentation of an annual EAA Chapter 1112 Fly-In generally in the month of May (see the Activities Calendar).

    Where we are - Most of our activities occur at the Oroville Municipal Airport (KOVE) which is located about 4 mi. west of the city of Oroville, California on State Route 162. Oroville is located at the base of the eastern foothills of the Sacramento Valley about 75 mi. north of the California capital city of Sacramento.

    Why - To have some group fun in aviation related activities and make some real accomplishments that may have lasting value.

    When - The Chapter currently (as of 2015) meets at Table Mtn. Aviation, 225 Chuck Yeager Way, Oroville Municipal Airport. 
    The General Membership Meeting is held on the 3rd Wed. of the month, each month, except December. 
    Meeting normally starts at 1900 pst (or pdt).  Visitors are always welcome. Come join the fun!

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    Officers - 2016 (Same as 2010-15) 

    President - Jay Gamble
    Vice President - Earl Hodges
    Secretary - Joe Cook
    Treasurer - George Frazier
    Newsletter Ed - The newsletter has been suspended in favor of Web based communication.

    Past Presidents

    Part President (2010-15) - Jay Gamble
    Past President (2009) - (office vacant - V.P. Earl Hodges presided)
    Past President (2008) - Steve Tenneson
    Past President (2006/7) - Olaf Gniechwitz
    Past President (2005) - (office vacant - V.P. Dan Cook presided)
    Past President (2003/4) - Chuck Heindell
    Past President (2002) - Bob Foster
    Past President (2001) - Dave Harmacek
    Past President (2000) - M.D. Short
    Past President (1999) - Ron Turner
    Past President (1998) - Terry Hodges
    Past President (1997) - Howard Fairbanks
    Past President (1996) - Dix Mackey
    Past President (1995) - Cal Combs (Founding Pres.)

    Directors - Class 1 - Current officers

    Directors - Class 2 - (Past presidents + elected)

    Director - Olaf Gniechwitz
    Director - Chuck Heindell
    Director - Bob Foster
    Director - Dave Harmacek
    Director - Howard Fairbanks
    Director - Ray Bell


    Tech Advisor - tbd
    Flight  Advisor - John Burg
    Young Eagles Coord - Tom Hagler,
    Historian - Open
    Breakfast/Lunch Coord - Geo. Frazier email:geof66@yahoo.com
    Fly-In Chair - Peewee Curiel -
    Webmaster - Joe Cook
    email: joecook1 at thegrid.net


    EAA Chapter 1112
    City of Gold
    1112 Wes Barrett Lane
    Oroville, CA 95965

    Last update: 3/8/2016